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Feline Heartworm Disease is a deadly disease wherever mosquitoes are present. The prevalence of heartworm disease in cats is steadily increasing. Heartworms are parasites that inhabit the heart and lungs of infected cats. The presences of just one heartworm can result in permanent damage or even death to a cat or kitten.

Symptoms: Some of the clinical signs associated with heartworm disease in cats are coughing, vomiting, difficulty in breathing, weight loss, loss of balance, seizure, collapse and sudden death. One or two worms in the heart are sufficient to cause a serious problem in cats.

Prevention: Heartworms in cats can be prevented by giving him/her Revolution once-a-month. Your cat does not need to be tested before starting the medication.

Diagnosis: This disease is often difficult to diagnose; however blood tests and radiographs can be done. Treatment: As of right now there is no approved heartworm treatment in cats.


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