Wellness Profile

At Horseshoe Lake Animal Hospital, we strive to offer our clients and patients the best care possible.  Since our beloved companions are with us for such a short time and age so much faster, regular checkups via physical examinations and lab work help us to diagnose and treat problems at an early stage.  Many health problems can only be diagnosed with lab tests, as our pets may not show outward clinical signs until they are very ill.


The lab work consists of a Urinalysis, Complete Blood Count (CBC), Chemistry Panel and Thyroid check.  We are screening for the following: urinary tract infections, bladder stones, kidney disease, liver disease, dehydration, anemia, infection, certain clotting disorders, healing  capabilities, diabetes, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), and hyper/hypothyroidism.  The lab work may also give us clues to many other disease processes.  When done regularly, these tests will give us a baseline for a particular pet as well as information about progression of disease processes.

We can’t stress enough the importance of annual lab testing.  Pets age 7-10 times faster than we do.  We have helped or saved young pets by diagnosing congenital kidney disease, bladder stones, Cushing’s disease, thyroid conditions, and diabetes.  These are but a few examples of how early detection of underlying disease processes can be detected with a laboratory profile.  We want to help your pets live as long and healthy as they possibly can.  We now have the ability to help them earlier.  Our pets’ lives and the joy they bring us are precious and priceless.  For those clients who only request lab work “if the doctor recommends it”… We do!