Robin has worked for us as a Veterinary Assistant since May 2010. She lives with her husband Chris. Together they have a dog and two cats. Bear is an American Pit Bull Terrier that loves any toy that squeaks, Scarlett is a Norwegian Forest Cat Mix that is the boss of the house, and Ebony is a DSH who has non-stop energy. In her spare time, Robin loves to read, paint, make ceramics, and is a big collector of Hasbro’s My Little Pony. Robin’s favorite thing about Horseshoe is helping fur babies get well and playing with all the puppies and kittens.


Kaylee has worked for us as a Veterinary Assistant/Treatment Room Technician since August 2013. She has two dogs and a cat – a Yorkie mix named Pringles, a pit bull named Monet and a DSH named Boo. Kaylee’s hobbies include camping, hiking and spending time with her family. Her favorite thing about working at HLAH is being able to work with and help sick animals.


Brittany S.

Brittany joined us as a veterinary assistant in August 2015. She is currently studying Biology at SIUE and eventually wants to go to vet school. She has two Yorkies; a four year old named Sophie, who is incredibly spoiled, and an old timer named Ozzy, and a horse named Mac. In her spare time she loves horseback riding, spending time with her family and pretty much anything that involves being outside. Her favorite part about Horseshoe Lake is how well everyone works together as a team and getting to work with animals every day.

Samantha P.

Samantha has worked for us as a Veterinary Assistant since April 2016. She is currently going to school at Southwestern Illinois College and will be transferring to SIUE to continue her education to become a veterinarian. Samantha has two dogs; a chocolate lab named Trouble and a lab mix named Hershey, and four cats; Macy, Onyx, Raven, and Layla. The cats like to run the house. In her spare time she likes to spend time with family and friends. She also likes to run tractors and steam engines. Samantha’s favorite thing about HLAH is being able to make a difference in the lives of animals.

Samantha R.

Samantha has worked for us as a Veterinary Assistant/Treatment Room Technician since April of 2016. She lives with her boyfriend, Tristan, and their cat, Weep. Samantha’s hobbies include reading, camping and going to sporting events. What does she love about working at Horseshoe? She loves that she gets to care for animals and work with a group of people that are always willing to help and teach her new things.


Emili began working at Horseshoe as a Veterinary Assistant in June 2017.  She is currently going to SIUE and majoring in Cell Biology/Genetics. She does not own any of her own pets because she lives in an apartment with strict rules, but she hopes to one day adopt her own cat and dog! For now, she visits her sister’s pets and plays with them. In her free time, she enjoys playing video games and drawing. Emili’s favorite things about Horseshoe are working with such awesome people and helping animals in need. Also, seeing puppies and kittens always brightens her day.


Evan has been a part of the HLAH staff as a Veterinary Assistant since Oct 2017. She lives with her husband Robert in Missouri where they have a cat named Jonah (DSH) while also caring for multiple stray cats she has rescued. Evan is a graduate of Midwest Institute and a certified veterinary assistant. She is also a veteran of the U.S. Army with 11 years of service. Evan is currently attending school for Deaf Communications to interpret American sign language. In her spare time she loves dinner and a movie, trips to the zoo, learning foreign languages, roller skating, sharing time with family, friends and simply enjoying life. Evan loves being a part of HLAH because she loves learning, being productive and helping better the lives of as many animals as possible.