Horseshoe Lake Animal Hospital offers state-of-the-art surgery services.  Not only do our doctors stay abreast of all the latest techniques, but they also ensure that all of the equipment is the latest and greatest!  Our newest addition has been our laser.  Laser surgery allows the doctor greater control of the incision, the ability to ensure that more malignant cells are removed with tumors, and it also decreases bleeding and pain for our patients.

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Keeping your pets’ teeth clean and his/her mouth healthy is very important, because periodontal disease will shorten your pet’s life!  A large portion of your pet’s teeth is below the gumline and we can’t see it during a normal exam.  Luckily we now have dental xrays so that we can find and treat this damage!  If your pet has significant periodontal disease, then his/her mouth is teeming with pathogenic bacteria.  These bacteria get into the blood and end up on the heart valves, kidneys, and lungs where they cause slow but sure deterioration.

Here’s a great video from a pet’s perspective!

Cold Laser


A therapy tool that has become very popular with our doctors and staff is our MLS (“cold”) laser. This sophisticated piece of equipment gets used multiple times every day at our hospital. Laser therapy can reduce pain and inflammation, improve circulation, and speed healing. It is a painless therapy for your pet, and in most cases you are right there with them as they receive treatment. We have a number of clients who have asked for laser therapy for their pet because they remember how well it worked for a previous illness or injury.



As we all know, massage can help with a variety of ailments. Just like us, our furry counterparts can get sore, knotted muscles too. Pets suffering from arthritis, back problems, and injuries can all benefit from therapeutic massage.

Betty has been our Canine Massage Practitioner since October 2011. She lives with her husband, daughter and son – Scott, Quinn, and Jack – and their 2 dogs, Jessie a lab mix who is a talker and intense focused girl, and Gidget a pit bull/hound mix who is a snuggler and massage junkie. Betty’s hobbies include watching baseball, reading, spending time with family, and amateur home decorating thanks to & Pinterest! She has a BS in Biological Sciences and is a licensed (human!) massage therapist also. Betty’s favorite thing about Horseshoe is getting to meet so many amazing people, and getting to help the well-being of the great dogs she is privileged to work with, all in the name of ‘work’. She considers herself very lucky to enjoy what she does!

A letter from Martha, Rawley’s  mom (yellow lab pictured with Betty):

“Finding Betty and her massage therapy techniques has been a miracle for us. It’s  enabled Rawley to stay active, take short walks, and have a pain free life. Betty is able to work out any spasms… and keep Rawley’s structure, muscles, and hips in line. Rawley loves her massage. When I mention we’re going to see Betty, Rawley is standing at the car before I can get my coat on!!! The days following her massage, Rawley acts like she’s 2 rather than 10!!! Our neighbors cannot believe how energetic Rawley is since we’ve been taking her to Betty. Thank goodness we found Betty. It has been life changing for Rawley. We are so very grateful and thankful to Horseshoe Lake for introducing us to Betty.  Life is Good!!  Love, Martha, Ed, and Rawley”