Preventive Health Care Plans – A practical solution to getting the preventive health care your pet needs in a tough economy

Healthy Pet Plans

Our Healthy Pet Plans are intended for young healthy pets with no existing health conditions. This is a great way to establish what is “normal” when it comes to blood work values for your pet, in case he/she were ever to get sick. Annual blood work also shows us trends, and enables us to catch problems before they become a big problem.

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Top Dog and Optimal Wellness Plans

Our Top Dog (for dogs) and Optimal (for cats) Wellness Plans are intended for middle-aged to older pets with or without existing health conditions. These plans are recommended for all the same reasons as our Healthy Pet Plans, with the addition of to also monitor pets on medications or with existing health conditions.


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Golden Paws Senior Wellness Plans

The Golden Paws Canine Senior Care Program is a comprehensive wellness program designed for dogs and cats that are aged seven years and older.

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Payment Plans

We  offer payment plans on all or our Wellness Packages.

Each wellness plan has an annual sign-up fee (every six months for Golden Paws Plan), which is due, along with the first monthly payment at initial sign up. You will more than recoup this fee if your pet visits us two or more times in the next year for illnesses, as each payment plan enables discounted office visits for the duration of the plan. After that, the monthly portion of the plan will be directly withdrawn from your checking account or charged to a credit card.

We realize these plans are not for everyone, and you are under no obligation to use them. We simply offer them as a way for some clients to more easily budget their pet’s health care!

IMPORTANT! -We are not trying to trick you! All medications, services, surgeries, etc…, associated with “sick pet” visits are at regular prices-only the office visits are discounted! The cost of “sick pet” visits will be due when services are rendered (by check, cash, credit card, or care credit).