Boarding Registration Form

*Please call 618-345-4416 for pricing information

Appointment date:

Peak Season- Memorial Day to Labor Day & Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day
Off Peak Season- New Year’s Day to Memorial Day & Labor Day to Thanksgiving

Check In
Mon-Sat: 3-5pm
Sun: No drop offs
Early check-in fees apply before 3pm

Check Out
Mon–Sat: Open until 12pm
Sun: 1-2pm
Late check out fees apply after 12/2pm

*This form does not reserve boarding dates, please call to make reservations. 618-345-4416. Thank you.

Owner's Information

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Emergency OnlyRoutine Updates (Done every 2-3 days)

Preferred method of contact during your pet’s stay:

Would you like a free* video postcard of your pet while boarding? (sent by email only)

*Free video postcard if your pet is boarding in a suite, large suite, or window suite only. If scheduled in petite suite there is an additional fee.

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Guest Information

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Canine or a feline:




Aggressive towards other guests?

Afraid of thunderstorms or loud noise?

Suite Guests Only *For your pet(s) safety, he/she may be placed in a petite suite if they become destructive or if we are concerned that remaining in the suite would be a health risk.

Guest Health Information

Name of regular veterinarian’s office:

Any current health problems?
If yes, what?

Any sore or tender areas?
If yes, where?

Any special needs?
If yes, please explain

Are you bringing his/her own food?

Any special feeding instructions?
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(Unless you specify otherwise, we feed ½ cup per 20 pounds body weight twice daily for dogs, and ½ cup once daily for cats).

Any allergies to medications, vaccines, or foods?

Will your pet be on any medications during his/her stay?
If so, please list the medications and when the last dose was given:

Does your pet have an appointment with one of our veterinarians during his/her stay?
If so, what is the appointment date, time, and purpose?

If your pet were to become ill during his/her stay, what would you prefer? Please select one below:

If you authorize a staff veterinarian to treat any problem that may come up during your pet's stay? How much do you authorize?

Is your emergency contact able to authorize medical treatment and charges?

Note: Any guest whose health or life is thought to be at serious risk will be examined and treated by one of our veterinarians, even if we cannot get in touch with you or the emergency contact. Any charges for the exam and treatment will be your responsibility and must be paid for at the time of pickup.


Optional Amenities, Packages, and Additional Services:

A La Cart Services:

Service Price Number Requested
Extra 20 minute 1 0n 1 TLC session(s): Call
Bike trail hike (weather permitting) Call

Special Treats:

Description Price Number Requested
Enzadent chews (tartar control) Call
Peanut Butter Kong toy Call
Pupcorn Call
Feline tuna cocktail Call
Feline catnip toys Call
Bottled Water Call YesNo

Would you like to pamper your pet with a massage by licensed massage therapist?
30-minute massage45-minute massage

Would you like to have your pet professionally groomed during his/her stay? YesNo


+ Optional items such as nail trims, brush outs, and hair cuts are professionally done by one of our groomers.
+ VIP Clients receive a 10% discount off professional grooming while boarding if grooming schedule permits

When your pet(s) stay 6 or more nights, or are in the VIP Program, we offer a complimentary bath to dog’s only. Pets are air dried.
Are you interested in this service?

Boarding Policies and Consent

At Horseshoe Lake Pet Resort, we value your patronage and are appreciative of the opportunity to care for your canine or feline family member while you are away. It is our promise to you that we will take care of them as if they were our own. Our goal is to minimize the stress of separation for you and our guests, and to make sure that our guests’ physical, emotional, and medical needs are being met during their stay. We want you to know that we are thrilled to have you and your pet(s) as part of the Horseshoe Lake family.


  1. Please pick up and drop off your pet at the resort not the hospital.
  2. Charges are based on the number of nights spent at the resort. Checkout time is between 8am-12pm. Guests being picked up after noon will be charged an additional night’s stay.
    Your pet may check in between 3-5pm and may be picked up anytime during business hours. We do offer Sunday pickup at the hospital between 1-2pm. Holiday pick up will be between 6-7pm, with an additional fee applied. This must be pre-paid & pre-arranged.
  3. Every 2-3 days, we will try to contact you, if you choose, at your preferred contact number or email address to update you on your pet’s stay. You are welcome to call anytime during our business hours for additional update. All international calls will be placed collect.
  4. There is an additional fee per day if your pet needs to receive medication during their stay. This fee is waived if your pet is staying in a suite or qualifies for the VIP program. All prescription medication must be in bottles with the instruction label from your veterinarian. If your pet requires insulin injections, there will also be a extra fee.
  5. Any first time guests, any guests being picked up outside of normal business hours, or guests with prolonged stays must pre-pay at the time of check-in.
    We do require written proof that our canine guests are up to date on distemper, parvovirus, bordetella, and rabies vaccinations to stay at the resort. Feline guests must be up to date on distemper and rabies vaccinations. For pets arriving without proof of current vaccinations, an appointment can be made to have the vaccinations updated at Horseshoe Lake Animal Hospital at the beginning of the stay.

Boarding Consent

I hereby consent and authorize you, the staff of Horseshoe Lake Pet Resort to board my pet(s):

You are to use all reasonable precautions against injury, escape, or destruction of the pet(s), but you will not be liable or responsible in any manner whatsoever, or in any circumstances on account of the care, treatment, or safekeeping of the pet(s) above described, or otherwise therewith, as it is thoroughly understood that I assume all risks that can be associated with boarding. If I am unable to pick up the pet(s) on the agreed date, I will notify you by telephone on or before said date to set a new pickup date. If I fail to notify you under such circumstances, written notice will be mailed to the address on the boarding paperwork to pick up the pet(s). Five days after such written notice, the pet(s) will be disposed of, or destroyed, as you deem best, and it is understood that your doing so does not relieve me from paying all costs of keeping, as the pet(s) is/are considered abandoned. I also understand that this resort has a “NO BILLING ALLOWED” policy, that the total amount of the bill is due at the time services are rendered, and that all transactions will be CASH, CHECK, MASTERCARD, VISA, DISCOVER, or CARE CREDIT.

I have read and understand this agreement.

Do we have your permission to post photos of you or your pet on social media sites?